Our Signature Programs

CCBA’s mission is to provide access to events, tools, knowledge, and advocacy that help CCBA Members and our community prosper. Our signature programs set Camp Creek apart from other business associations in the area.

Camp Creek Cares is the CCBA Community Initiative to improve the community in and around the camp creek corridor.  CCC includes a Clean-Up Camp Creek Campaign, KISKIS (Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe) Campaign to reduce crime, Camp Creek Community Day, Back to School Drives, and much more.

BizCamp, our signature small business seminars and webinars are hosted by the CCBA and trained by subject matter experts.  Each BizCamp is designed to enlighten, enrich and empower small business owners, managers, and staff to achieve new levels of success.

UGA: Unite. Grow. Act.

All of CCBA’s programs are design to either help us unite together,  grow together, and/or act together for mutual benefit.